Meagan Adele Lopez on the TEDx stage sharing her experience with storytelling.

Lady Who Productions, Inc.

Which part of the journey are you on to tell your story? Let us help you to bring your creative story to life.

Lady Who Productions, Inc. is an international omni-channel creative production consultancy business based (mostly) in France (with a branch in Maryland, USA & digitally anywhere). We have experience in everything from film production, television casting, novel & screenwriting, theatre and digital marketing. (“Omni-channel” is a fancy term for having multiple ways to tell a story.)

Sometimes a story wants to be born through a film, a book, a piece of theatre, in audio form, a gallery space…the list goes on. We can help you determine which medium would be best for your story, connect you with the right people to tell this story, and even workshop your story with one on one or group workshops.

  • Package details will be published soon, but feel free to get in touch for further inquiries.

Founded by Meagan Adele Lopez.


Made in Baltimore; Cultivated in France. Cuban-American.
Omni-Channel Creative | Award-winning filmmaker
Storyteller | Director | Producer | Performer
Film | Theater | Novels | Photography
Ex-New York Times Global Digital Director
Always Entrepreneur.

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