After reading the advice above, I realized I needed to take a step back from creating. I. was close to burnout after just having finished editing the trailer for my first feature film (hey, David Grossbach, editor extraordinaire), and finishing my second novel to send to my literary agent (hey, Jessica Craig, lit agent extraordinaire!). But, I had major anxiety about letting it all go. Truth be told, my last chapter of the book isn’t finished yet even though I’ve turned it in. I just can’t seem to let it go. I can’t seem to get that final chapter finished because I’m afraid that if I do, I will lose the one grounding thing I’ve had for the past five years.
That said, I’ve watched as others have been creating extraordinary memes, art, videos, writing, poetry, etc. My friend Nick has created an online portal for your creations in quarantine here:
There’s also this guy who is focusing on an online festival for artists whose work couldn’t be shown because of the coronavirus:
And my friend Nia who has a comedic vlog for tips on quarantining during the Paris lockdown:
I couldn’t do it for the first few days. And that’s my JOB as an artist – to create. I also was watching what was happening inside of me – this incredible fear of mortality was taking over, and the need to be SEEN, to be HEARD, to be FAMOUS (as the shadow aspect of the two before it). It’s human to want to be seen and heard, but I can tell when it’s coming from fear when it manifests itself in the need for fame.
I am watching as celebrities do horrendous compilations of John Lennon’s Imagine with no sense of their entitlement destroying a beautiful song from their mansions (if you haven’t seen it, just read this New York Times review, best bad review I’ve seen in a long time.) Or as Madonna loses her mind home alone singing about fried fish, or Ellen not so creatively just calls her celebrity friends and posts about it.
The light side of needing to be seen and heard is art in general. That’s human creation at its finest – when we go deep and we share not from a place of fear but from love. Since this coronavirus struck the world, it wasn’t until this weekend that I was in a place where I could even think about creating anything. All I could think was “I’M GOING TO DIE ALONE AND NOWHERE WILL CARE!” But alas, I’m out of the fear for the most part, which is why I’m creating this from a healthier mindset.
Thanks for seeing me and hearing me. I appreciate it, and please send me your creations. I would love to help promote in any way i can.
P.S. Video above. I’m doing a series of episodes on Paris During Lockdown.