I’ve been keeping up to date with my newsletters which you can sign up for here, and it’s been a pretty incredible journey (previous newsletters here and here. I went from completely anxiety ridden, sleeping all day, horrified I would be confined by myself in my small Parisian flat for weeks at a time to crippling loneliness to feeling creativity flowing, connecting to more people than I have in a long time and excited for each new day. Oh, wait, are there new days? Because never mind, every single day feels the fucking same. Half kidding.
As long as I’m not obsessively watching the news or scrolling through social media, I’m fine. But how does one do that?! I have yet to figure it out.
First of all, I got out of the apartment yesterday for the first time since last Thursday – mask and gloves in tow. Tuesday (day 8 of confinement), it was announced that the scientific council met and recommended a total of six weeks on lockdown which would bring us to April 28th (we started March 17th). Not confirmed yet. Paris doesn’t have a curfew yet, but the suburbs surrounding it are starting with a curfew from 10PM to 5:30am or so.
I took a ton of footage while out, and will show it in my episode 7 in two days time. Not to give too much away as you wait with baited breath for the episodes, but I was shocked at all the things open. It’s not just the boulangeries. It’s also the fish market, the grocery stores, the boucher (butcher), the kebab stands, the crepe stands and the wine shops. I asssume this will change soon.
I saw a woman wearing a mask made out of a coffee machine. That was inventive.


Since I’m able to walk 0.6miles radius in my neighborhood for one hour per day, I was able to walk to Moulin Rouge, and there was a homeless man lying down asleep in front of the gated doors and no one else. It reminded me that I have a home, and for that, I am grateful.