We need people. As much as I try to deny it, we do. I developed the Creative 13 after a long bout of creating in a solitary void, and realizing I no longer wanted to create alone. An event every thirteenth lunar cycle, the Creative 13 started off with thirteen people who didn’t know each […]


Thanks to Moving Parts and Stef Campion for hosting me for the play reading of my very first play. I wrote the first draft in three days. THREE DAYS. I am only saying this because I actually recommend setting seemingly impossible time limits on daunting tasks. It’s like training for the creative brain. I’ve taken […]

Presenting…the CLARA-NOVA Electric Music Video

The Lady Who…Productions is so proud to present a project, a crew, a singer, a song and a city we have fallen in love with all in one place. Such incredibly talented people worked on this – including the main women at the helm. Sydney Wayser‘s vocals and tenacity inspire. Ludovica Isidori as the boss Director […]

The Vulnerability of Finishing a Project

Late, late last night I did something that I’ve been scared to do for over a year now. I sent off my manuscript to someone outside my family and editor to read my novel and give me feedback. First time ever. “Many artists begin a piece of work, get well along in it, and then […]