What if romantic love is just a distraction?

“I wonder what you could do if you weren’t so obsessed with boys,” my best friend said one day in my early twenties lightheartedly. “What?” I asked, scraping the bottom of the salsa with one of about a hundred chips leftover. I always ate too much salsa too fast. There’s a business idea in there […]

Free Ebook Promotion, or How I Got Ranked with John Grisham in 4 Days

I wouldn’t recommend doing the free ebook promotion how I did it. I was told to plan 30 days in advance – I started planning the night before. Amazon gives you 5 days to promote your book for free out of 90 days. Most people tell you to only use 2 or 3 at the […]

What is a Quarter-Life Crisis?

When I started writing my novel, I was in the middle of coming out of a quarter-life crisis. The themes throughout my novel, Three Questions follow this path. This quarter-life crisis could be described as the moment I left college, left a great job (casting) to start working in a pointless, menial job (aka personal assisting), […]

The Book Process: Self Publishing Online

(This post is continued from last week’s post: The Book Process: the beginning. This was scheduled to go out last week, but WordPress never published it. Oops.) After I completed the novel, I went the self-publishing route because I wanted to get this project out on my own terms, and in my own way. I […]

What People Are Saying about "Three Questions"

So, I’ve had a few people email me recently with feedback on the novel. I haven’t solicited this, so it makes it even more sweet. I figured I may as well take advantage of it while I can! There can’t be good reviews forever. Here’s a few tidbits about Three Questions from people who recently read […]