Reinvention Land

In any given year, there are things we can control and there are things we can’t. This year, for me, there happened to be a few more things that I couldn’t control than I could which meant that the fine balance between feeling in control and feeling like my entire world – like THE entire […]

See the Test for What It Is & Then, RUN…the Other Way…at Escape Velocity

There comes a moment when we think there’s no turning back. We think we’ve gone too far on the spectrum of adaptation, acceptance, settling. We’ve married the wrong man or woman. We’ve taken the wrong job. We moved into the wrong neighborhood. Our friends don’t suit us any longer, but it’s too late to change […]

How NOT To Search For Your Ancestral Line & Still Manage To Find Them: Steps 1 & 2

Just a few months ago, we found out that we had ancestors that came to and from Australia in the mid 1800s. My own great-grandmother was born in Australia, and we didn’t know until recently when working on the family tree. I had a vacation booked to Australia this month, so I decided to turn […]

Breathe into the Uncertainty

The wind battered my face at the top of the mountain and I smiled. For, I could handle this sort of battering. What I was going towards was far safer than where I came from. Here, I breathed in uncertainty and fresh air. Down there, there was certainty – oh, yes…but certainty that reeked of […]

Why you must heal yourself first before taking a stand

I recently wrote a post on called “Motives in the sexism debate — personal vendetta vs. for the feminist cause” about the best time to share your story around being sexually harassed, abused, or even just around an everyday sexist experience. Specifically, I was speaking about how to move feminism forward in the most positive way with your […]

How White Propaganda Got to This Mixed Race Girl

I originally posted this on Facebook when I was locked out of my blog but wanted to put it here as well because it’s important to me. You can click on the link if you want to see the original comments. Let’s get this discussion started. I’ve been asking myself recently why I’ve been so outspoken about […]

Intention or why New Year's resolutions are not bullshit

When the New Year comes around, you have the inevitable nay-sayer who will chime in as everyone else is posting what they hope to accomplish in the upcoming year, and will say that resolutions are bullshit. Some of them will argue that they always are reassessing their goals and dreams, and to do it once a year […]

What is a Quarter-Life Crisis?

When I started writing my novel, I was in the middle of coming out of a quarter-life crisis. The themes throughout my novel, Three Questions follow this path. This quarter-life crisis could be described as the moment I left college, left a great job (casting) to start working in a pointless, menial job (aka personal assisting), […]