I See You

“Hello, my name is the one who is calling you,” it says. I write that down during my brainstorming exercise I sometimes do in the mornings. Write down whatever comes into my head. Sometimes it’s weird fucking drawings of a very pleased cat nibbling its paws or an overview of the dream that I had the […]

How White Propaganda Got to This Mixed Race Girl

I originally posted this on Facebook when I was locked out of my blog but wanted to put it here as well because it’s important to me. You can click on the link if you want to see the original comments. Let’s get this discussion started. I’ve been asking myself recently why I’ve been so outspoken about […]

Grandmom Lopez – you will be missed, but you left your mark

I was lucky enough to know a woman who was strong, independent, beautiful and utterly unabashedly unique. She was my Grandmother. She came from Cuba, leaving behind a world of warm nights and even more humid days, a husband and the father of her only child in order to embark on a new life in […]