#TEDx Speaker 🚀🎉💯 <<< That'll Be Me!

“What does a feminine revolution look like through story?” I’ve been writing for the past six years trying to figure out how to tell a story that doesn’t revolve around the patriarchy, the Hero’s Journey and turns the strong, female lead on her head in a young adult sci-fi/fantasy novel. Let’s just say, it’s been […]

Presenting…the CLARA-NOVA Electric Music Video

The Lady Who…Productions is so proud to present a project, a crew, a singer, a song and a city we have fallen in love with all in one place. Such incredibly talented people worked on this – including the main women at the helm. Sydney Wayser‘s vocals and tenacity inspire. Ludovica Isidori as the boss Director […]

Reinvention Land

In any given year, there are things we can control and there are things we can’t. This year, for me, there happened to be a few more things that I couldn’t control than I could which meant that the fine balance between feeling in control and feeling like my entire world – like THE entire […]

Get Your Why Down: Part Deux, The Tough Stuff

I made a commitment this year to get in the best shape of my life (with the help of an incredible coach), and this is a bit about WHY and how. I want to fly. And if anyone to tries to tell me that there is no point, I’m here to tell you, it’s my point. […]

Breathe into the Uncertainty

The wind battered my face at the top of the mountain and I smiled. For, I could handle this sort of battering. What I was going towards was far safer than where I came from. Here, I breathed in uncertainty and fresh air. Down there, there was certainty – oh, yes…but certainty that reeked of […]

Why you must heal yourself first before taking a stand

I recently wrote a post on Medium.com called “Motives in the sexism debate — personal vendetta vs. for the feminist cause” about the best time to share your story around being sexually harassed, abused, or even just around an everyday sexist experience. Specifically, I was speaking about how to move feminism forward in the most positive way with your […]