Thanks to Moving Parts and Stef Campion for hosting me for the play reading of my very first play.

I wrote the first draft in three days. THREE DAYS. I am only saying this because I actually recommend setting seemingly impossible time limits on daunting tasks. It’s like training for the creative brain.

I’ve taken five years to write my novel and it’s still not finished. I needed to prove I could do something quickly and not think too much about perfectionism.

Plus, I’m finding it fascinating to push myself to limits I didn’t think possible. The last day I wrote for ten hours straight, my eyes were crossed and my brain thought to itself “you can’t do this, you’re going to fail”. It said that about every five minutes of the entire three days – like it has said to me nearly everyday of my life.

(Thoughts aren’t very creative.)

But every five minutes, I just said – let me do another five minutes and see. And like that, I continued. I submitted it the next day after I gave it a read through and scan. I waited two days and then I edited it in another three days after some feedback from a fellow writer.

I like to think that somehow if I keep overriding my brain’s thoughts that someday it will shut up. Or at least I will stop listening for good. And I really do like to believe limits are made to be pushed past – keeping health in mind.

Either way, I’m so goddamn grateful for Moving Parts, Stephanie and the talented cast she pulled together to act out my first try at writing something bigger than me.

And for the people who came to support and give feedback – THANK YOU.