Such a better name than “Feedback”

If you have a book, a new business idea or a one-woman show (or anything you poured your heart into) and you’re not quite ready to put it out into the world yet but need some encouragement, notes, critiques, hole finding and bits of hope, I highly suggest gathering an enchanting group of people together in a cozy spot in your home. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you served red-pepper hummus, whiskey cheddar and chorizo plates, cherry chocolates and rum, wine and assortment of teas (or whatever your particular brand of friends would enjoy) either. For extra comfort, light a fire on the television (or a real fire if you’re lucky enough to live in a cottage).

In the beginning, you might not be able to breathe from sheer terror that everyone will hate your work. This is normal. Feel your feet on the ground and inhale through the nose, then listen. No matter what happens, i assure you that if people have given up an entire weekend to spend it with you they have good intentions and only want to help. I recommend setting your boundaries up front – they are here for you, after all. Outline clearly what you need. Don’t be afraid to be specific and direct. This will help all involved.

A special call from a fellow writer best friend just before the group meetup will help you calm your nerves. She will walk you off the ledge and give you reassurance that love is in the air.

From that, expect laughter, honesty, humility and newly found enthusiasm in your work to flow! You’ve done it! You’ve shared your work with parts of the world already.

I did that this weekend, and I’m just blown away from these women who showed up.

So close to getting this thing out in the world (well, it’s a novel so that could still mean a year or two or three). Anyhow, so close.