Ever since last summer I made a commitment that I was going to get a six pack. I’m in my 30’s, and I’ve never had a six pack to date. A part of me thought – who am I to get a six pack this late in the game?
Well, one of my best friends from high school did it last year. If she can do it, why can’t I?
So I started working out 5-6 days a week, I stopped drinking for weeks on end (sometimes over a month). I tried many different ways of eating – intermittent fasting, no carbs, low carbs, juicing, cleanses, etc. You name it, I tried it.
I often get asked why I care so much about my weight or my body shape. That’s the thing – for me, it’s not about caring about my weight as much as it’s about making my body be the best that it can be. We only live once – why not see what we can push ourselves to accomplish?
I work hard at work, I work hard at being a better person – why shouldn’t I treat my body the same?
I was back home about a month ago in Baltimore (I currently live in London), and my sister gave me this self-published booked called No Fail Fat Burning for Women (it’s being offered for free this week). When I looked at it, I thought it had to be a dud. There is no such thing as no fail.
But it was a small book, I had done so much research over the years about food, fat loss, etc that I thought why not? I read it in a few hours.
Well, it immediately struck a chord with me. It seemed to combine SO much of what I had studied and researched but in a way that made sense for WOMEN. The problem with half of the diets and research out there is that it’s mostly focused on men. Do you know about Dave Asprey and the Bullet Proof Diet? Well, I love him – but if you’re a woman, this is better.
Our bodies are so much more complex, and unfortunately or fortunately, need so much more attention and care. So, I thought I would try it.
In those ten days, I never had more energy. I never felt like I was depriving myself. I never felt like I couldn’t work out or was lacking calories. My sleep was better than ever, and I was losing weight rapidly.
It scared me a little. No one should lose weight that fast, I thought. But then again, it made sense. My body had been wanting to lose that extra weight but didn’t know how. Once I re-programmed it, and gave it the nourishment it needed, the weight just fell off. I had heard about weight falling off but I had never experienced it before.

Ten days weight loss

After ten days.

So now I want to take it to the next stage. I want that six pack. I’ve signed up for a four week course with my sister where we are going to take on the next stage of getting our bodies to the best it can be.
Would love to have all the support from the women in my life I love. Wanna join? Apparently there will be tons of new leading research in there as well.
I don’t normally promote anything on this blog but this time, I really believe in it and want other women who have felt that frustration with losing weight to get it as well.
You can sign up here if you’re interested!
After a year of working out.

After a year of working out.