“Hello, my name is the one who is calling you,” it says. I write that down during my brainstorming exercise I sometimes do in the mornings.
Write down whatever comes into my head.
Sometimes it’s weird fucking drawings of a very pleased cat nibbling its paws or an overview of the dream that I had the night before about how I murdered someone and hid the body.
“I see you,” it whispers. I write that down. Did it see me last night in my dream? I swear I’ve never murdered anyone but that dream really made me question it!
“See?” I write with a question mark.
The street light outside flicks off. My room is now dark.
I laugh. The universe is funny.
The moment you start to question it, or the moment that you try to second guess whatever is happening is the moment that it runs away or morphs into something else.
This is my reminder to stay in flow. This is my reminder to trust. This is my reminder to believe.
The street lamp flicks off, sends me into darkness right as I ask the question – “see?” I don’t need to know how or why it sees me in this moment.
I just need to know it does.morning light of Paris