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The one thing I can say about myself is that I am determined. Determined to work with great people. Determined to find the joy in work. Determined to make great films, books, plays, or podcasts that make us laugh, cry, feel something. Determined to tell stories that matter (and that does not mean comedy horrors or sci-fi or romantic comedies are out). In fact, I find “frivolous” is sometimes the most daring.

I started my career as an actress. Playing. I forgot how to play along the way, and got very serious.

I ended up being the associate in casting for big films like Juno, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Wanted, and television shows like Medium and Numb3rs in Los Angeles. Years later, I shifted gears to digital marketing. I founded my own social media marketing agency, then helped the second-largest advertising company in the world (Publicis) build their social media ad buying arm. Finally, I went on to lead the New York Times‘ global digital advertising teams out of Paris, London, and Hong Kong. That was a big job where I learned a lot, and had to be at the top of my game. It allowed me to fly and speak all over the world, and meet incredible people.

It also reminded me how hard I work, and that dreams can happen.

Filmmaking and film production was calling me again, and I left the NYTimes in 2018 to start my own production company. Now, I’m passionate about fulfilling dreams, and not letting this life go to waste.

I am excited to use my skills and experience in marketing, filmmaking, and storytelling to help you bring your stories to life.

My directorial debut on the subject of female rage, Raging Cult, a short dark comedy, landed me nine awards in various film festivals, including Best First Time Director and Best Dark Comedy. I am currently working on her first feature documentary, “Through the Eyes of Others” which asks the question – “through whose eyes are we living our lives?” It documents the lives of the theatre class of the year 2000 from Baltimore School for the Arts.

Currently represented by the incredible Jessica Craig from Craig Literary, my young adult feminist fantasy novel “THE FLIGHT OF THE HAILENE” is currently under submission.

I studied at Baltimore School for the Arts, University of Southern California as a National Hispanic Scholar and Dean’s Scholar, and La Sorbonne in Paris.



I am one of the faces of Google’s #IamRemarkable program (a program that strives to empower women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments). I founded and chaired the New York Times’ international Women’s Network. I also have mentored young women at the American Chamber of Commerce in France and students at my alma mater high school, Baltimore School for the Arts. I was Vice-Chair for Democrats Abroad in Paris, and currently am an ambassador for Baltimore Homecoming.

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