THREE QUESTIONS: Because a Quarter Life Crisis Needs Answers

A Romantic, Road-Trip Novel

Eight hours in Vegas. A promise to meet in Chicago. Four months apart while he traverses through the depths of Africa and she “aspires” through the haze of Hollywood. Three questions each letter.

Their intense connection is clear, but fate is only as strong as timing allows it to be. She has a life-long passion that is finally turning into a career. He has landed enough British pounds to travel the world for the first time in his life.

Will their honest answers be enough to bring them back together?


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“This book has a brilliant, touching, surprising ending and I should have seen it coming, and that, my friends, is what great writers do: They give you all the foreshadowing you need to figure it out–but you never do.”
– The Local Tourist, Mafia Hairdresser
“If you’ve ever dreamt of being swept off your feet by an English Prince Charming, you’ll love this story. It’s funny, it’s exciting and yes, it’s a bit sad too but good novels make you feel of bit everything don’t they? It’s about love and loss, and ultimately hope.”
– Smitten by Britain
“Once I opened this novel, at the behest of a dear friend, I could not put it down. It was interesting and spontaneous. You don’t expect the book to bring you into such a deep level of love, respect and maturity as it does. It initially just seems cute, but the author slowly develops the characters to the point of your investment into their relationships, or lack thereof. It was funny and inspiring.”
– Jae

“A book written by a 20-something woman. A book about a 20-something woman. A book focused on finding oneself and finding love. Sure, one can easily dismiss this novel as shallow “chick lit.” But don’t make that mistake with THREE QUESTIONS. It’s truly so much more.

Lopez has taken themes and topics we’ve all seen before and delivered an entirely original, inspiring, emotional roller coaster of a tale. Her protagonist is tangible and true – a rare combination from a debut novelist.”

– Matthew