I have a new motto (or perhaps this has always been my motto and I didn’t know it until I became a member of the Elizabeth Swaney Fan Club):
“Show up and stay upright”
Elizabeth Swaney did this, and made it to the Olympics!!! The Olympics!!

This reminds me of when Elizabeth Gilbert talks about how she never promised the universe she would be a “good” writer – she just promised herself and the universe that she would WRITE….and look where that got her.
When I’m working nights and weekends on my books, my acting, and my side projects – sometimes I wonder, what is the point? Maybe the only point is because I promised my soul that I would feed it. I just need to “show up and stay upright” to my art, and it will give me everything I need back.
And I need to remember the WHY I show up, most importantly.
More on that WHY and what else it feeds tomorrow…