I stand on the other side of Malibu, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach ten years and a day later watching the waves tumble over the green rocks, and the sun setting all the tears, dreams and fears from that place on the other side of the world, all that time ago, wondering where the time went. And yet, grateful the time has gone.

I am on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

California is in yesterday, and I am in tomorrow.

Different constellations above my head; yet, the same water crashes. The cliffs are rough and green like Ireland, but the sand is soft like the Dominican.

The clouds fall thickly in the Australian sky.

The smells hit my nose differently.

The birds sing unfamiliar songs.

Senses play tricks. Time plays games.

Places play fair.

They can only be as they are.

If I sink my feet and breathe into my stomach, and feel the place – it’s wildly different than anywhere I’ve ever been.

The wind calms to acknowledge I’m doing well. It whispers, “you’re on the right path, my child.” And, the water purrs, “The world is abundant if you allow it to be.”

I appear just as alone as I ever have been, yet more connected than ever before.

I take a step towards my short walk before the sun sets for the first time on this side of the world where the sky tells me a new story.

Narrabeen Beach

Clouds over the Pacific