Forgetting to Update: Thoughts from Solitary Confinement in Paris

What day is it? Did I eat that piece of chicken or did  I leave it on the countertop? Is my laundry still in the dryer from yesterday? Did I already read this entire chapter of this book? <<< Questions I have thought today as I slowly lose my mind  in solitary confinement. I was […]

American Quarantined in Paris: Episodes 3-4

I’ve been keeping up to date with my newsletters which you can sign up for here, and it’s been a pretty incredible journey (previous newsletters here and here. I went from completely anxiety ridden, sleeping all day, horrified I would be confined by myself in my small Parisian flat for weeks at a time to […]

American in Quarantine in Paris: Thoughts on Creativity

After reading the advice above, I realized I needed to take a step back from creating. I. was close to burnout after just having finished editing the trailer for my first feature film (hey, David Grossbach, editor extraordinaire), and finishing my second novel to send to my literary agent (hey, Jessica Craig, lit agent extraordinaire!). But, I […]

American in Quarantine in Paris: Pre-Quarantine Days

Some Perspective I was supposed to be at a Film Festival in Joburg, South Africa on Thursday, March 12th for a screening and Q&A session for my short film Raging Cult. On the 10th, the day I was supposed to fly out, France only had 1,784 cases and 33 deaths. People told me it would […]