Forgetting to Update: Thoughts from Solitary Confinement in Paris

What day is it? Did I eat that piece of chicken or did  I leave it on the countertop? Is my laundry still in the dryer from yesterday? Did I already read this entire chapter of this book? <<< Questions I have thought today as I slowly lose my mind  in solitary confinement. I was […]

American in Quarantine in Paris: Pre-Quarantine Days

Some Perspective I was supposed to be at a Film Festival in Joburg, South Africa on Thursday, March 12th for a screening and Q&A session for my short film Raging Cult. On the 10th, the day I was supposed to fly out, France only had 1,784 cases and 33 deaths. People told me it would […]

Baltimore Lady Quarantines in Paris – the Newsletter

<SUBSCRIBE HERE> I’m a Baltimore lady who is confined to her apartment in Paris, France because we are on day four of a government mandated quarantine out of fifteen (although they say it will be extended). We can only leave the house for groceries, solitary exercise within 1km of your house, to care for an […]

Presenting…the CLARA-NOVA Electric Music Video

The Lady Who…Productions is so proud to present a project, a crew, a singer, a song and a city we have fallen in love with all in one place. Such incredibly talented people worked on this – including the main women at the helm. Sydney Wayser‘s vocals and tenacity inspire. Ludovica Isidori as the boss Director […]