We need people.

As much as I try to deny it, we do. I developed the Creative 13 after a long bout of creating in a solitary void, and realizing I no longer wanted to create alone. An event every thirteenth lunar cycle, the Creative 13 started off with thirteen people who didn’t know each other and now are intimately bonded through creativity. We get together to create and bring our creativity to the next level with the collective minds.

We want to give back to other creative souls. We also contribute money each year to selected art projects crowdfunding.

“Beyond anything I could have anticipated, the most dynamic, nurturing, generous & inspiring group of creatives, which made for an inner tsunami of motivation & the courage & concrete steps to realise my goals/dreams.” – Nina-Marie

What is this?

This is a weekend away from it all – or perhaps I should say, INTO it all. A weekend amongst creative, loving souls who want to work with you to bring your creative, business or personal project to creativity gold. This is your weekend to bring that project that is half done, just started or nearly finished to the next step.

And all for just the cost of bed and breakfast (and maybe travel).

None of us are getting paid to be there. All of us want to be there. All of us pay our own way. A weekend away amongst creative and nice and intelligent people. Why not be a part of a bigger creativity pool and use some of that collective mind-space?

What we gonna do?

Every person that comes doesn’t need to have a project to work on. If someone wants to come just to participate in creating stuff, then that’s completely fine, and in fact welcome! Don’t feel that you have to have a project – just have a willingness and openness and understanding of the creative process, and be willing to share your ideas.

For those who do have a project, bring it! It can be music, poetry, a painting, a business idea, a book, a photography project – anything that you think could use others to make it alive.

It can be that photo hanging on your wall that you hate, but you want to turn into something and don’t know what. It could be a bunch of old letters that you want to make into a spaceship. It could be that you have a ton of buttons lying around, and you’re determined to make it into a new teddy bear.

What are the values?

Trust. For this to work, we must trust each other. People will be sharing projects that are very important to them, and need to know that what they share won’t leave that weekend unless the project owner has declared it is OK to do so. Trust also means being able to share freely without harsh criticism or unhelpful judgment.

Openness. Not only do we need to trust each other, but the project owner needs to be open enough to hear honest feedback. They are able to construct the sort of feedback that they want to hear before each session, so that will be up to you. However, don’t share unless you are open to hearing other’s ideas. Shake all the preconceptions of what you think your project is or should be, and be open to truly taking it to the next level.

Boldness. Similar to openness, boldness bops over that “open” hill to the land of courage. This is scary shit – sharing with strangers – but I think it will work best if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable (which takes courage). It’s encouraged to talk about where your project has flaws, what you’ve struggled with, how far you want to take it, and to stretch your mind beyond what you thought possible.

OK, so why 13? Isn’t that unlucky?

Not to get too deep, but according to Vice (and apologies for ever quoting Vice), “before patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess. It was considered a day to worship the Divine Feminine that lives in us all and to honor the cycles of creation and death and rebirth.”