There’s nothing wrong with having mentors

Especially if they all have the same initials

Except I’ve never been good at asking for help

During sad times I’d rather go talk to my favorite tree in the Bois de Boulogne and conjure up the tree fairies than get someone else involved that lives in the same city as me.

But, people want to help.

And, I want to help people.

It connects us to know that we can help each other. 

So, I’ve learned that it’s a necessity to ask for all kinds of help. Mostly, I still ask for help silently…to myself, my journal or a whisper. Many times, I ask the internet for help.

Then, often, the help appears in magical ways.

I see mentors everywhere. I’ll write more in depth about this at another point, but there is help literally everywhere if you are aware of it.

If a random sentence that a seemingly random person says sticks and repeats in my head over and over – I know that I must pay attention…and, I also know, at that point that it wasn’t random, and they were probably put in my path for a reason.

Time and time again, I see my life through the Hero’s Journey (Joseph Campbell’s famous breakdown of the myth and every great story).

Mentors exist in real life! And they come in all forms.

A mentor from famous stories are as Deb Peterson from so helpfully outlines:

Dumbledore from Harry Potter, Q from the James Bond series, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, Yoda from Star Trek, Merlin from King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Alfred from Batman.

Well, this year – as in March 2017 through March 2018, if they weren’t already magical enough – three of my greatest mentors have the same initials:


Could be:

Magical Beast

Magnificent Beauty

Marvelous Button

Mystical Body

Or, I guess it could be Mister Bean…which would be just as amazing.

If my mentors were put in a pyramid from the past year, they would look like this:


M.B.  M.B.  M.B.

I realized this phenomenon when I was writing in my journal – as I do everyday – and started drawing a graph of all the people who have appeared as mentors for me this year, and taught me some of the most profound lessons.

I think a lot about the human quadrinity – spirit (or soul), mind (or thoughts), body (or health) and emotions (or heart).

My mentors follow this magical quadrinity.

I’ll share them with you because…well, sharing is caring.

The Spiritual V.E.: Victoria Eastburn

We have my spiritual advisor: Victoria Eastburn at the top.

She’s been with me – or I’ve been with her – for over three years. A friend of my mom’s found her, then my mom started speaking to her, then my sister, then a couple of their friends and now some of my friends, and even my colleagues have gone to her.

She’s that good.

If you go to her site and look at her testimonials, my name and testimonial is at the top. That’s how amazing I think she is:

Since working with Victoria, I’ve left an abusive relationship, gotten my dream job in Paris, starred in a play for the first time in eight years, nearly finished a novel, reclaimed my empowerment, connected with my deceased grandmother, angels and fairies, traveled the world and forged a new relationship with my mother and sister. If I had left it at the first point, that would have been life changing enough. So, the question isn’t – will working with Victoria work for me? The question is, are you ready for it to work?

Meagan – Paris

The Mind M.B. – Martha Beck

As I’ve been diving into this writing thing again after a few years hiatus, I’ve been (nearly) obsessively following Elizabeth Gilbert’s every word. Somehow, whenever Liz writes, it hits my heart right at the right moment.

I love her. 

So, when she recommended Martha Beck’s Write into Light course, I had to take her up on it.

I mean, just this excerpt from M.B. below:

when a willing writer sits down with an open heart, words begin to cross the threshold of magic and become pure communion of spirit. Writing spins shining threads of meaning between like minds, joining them in a web of possibility that is more than the sum of its parts.


Through this course and her, I’ve met a group of the some of the most amazing women I’ve ever known, and most of them I haven’t even met in person!

In just under a year, we have written a book together, birthed a baby together, gotten each other through ups, downs, met in real life, given supportive, nourishing and welcome advice time and time again.

The Heart M.B. – Magnus Broome

As I’ve said, I left Hollywood for many reasons – but a lot of it had to do with mean people. Just mean people who wanted to tear you apart.

All of the trust that my high school, Baltimore School for the Arts, had built in me in the theatre world was gone. That school really nurtured us, built love and trust amongst our ensemble.

I had been warned about Hollywood – of course, we all had, but I wanted to believe I was tougher than that. I wanted to believe it wouldn’t be that bad. I wanted to believe I could charm my way through it.

Well, my director this year – Magnus Broome – showed such incredible empathy and support of his actors, I started believing in theatre again.

I must admit, he was the first male director I’d had in ten years and the last one didn’t go so well, so I was skeptical. In the beginning, I found myself finding it difficult to even take direction from him. By the end, he turned all that around.

During one particularly stressful rehearsal before we left to go on break for two weeks, he knew things were going to get stressful.

He said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Some people learn lines or movements at different paces than others. I want to remind everyone that if we don’t have the trust of our cast, then we have nothing in the theatre.”

He stressed feeling safe amongst each other, repetition and care for the other actors.

It was such a relief, and I was so in awe that he had the courage to bring that kind of energy. It was vulnerable and yet, so strong.

The Body M.B. – Michelle Burleson

As I wrote in my two WHY posts, I’m on a mission to transform my body this year and for life.

I followed Michelle Burlesons protocol a few years ago with her first book. When I saw that she had written a second book and was accepting private clients, I paused for about two seconds before signing up.

And I’m so glad I did.

Not only do her methods work, but she’s f*’ing hilarious, so motivating and has truly gone through some stuff. She came back from an insane accident to her best shape of her life.

That’s my type of coach – someone who knows the trials. Plus, there’s an incredible private Facebook group where people share recipes and their ups and downs.

Do you have magical mentors along the way? Do you notice when they appear? Do people’s voices pop into your head over and over?