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Seventeen-year-old Iylah Nela Vaati was born from the fire, like all Thornraven. She had a singular destiny – to join Versera Academy, restore order to humanity and clear the planet of negativity – simple, right? She never questioned being locked away because it was for the greater good, they told her. But when Iylah’s royal pain-in-the-ass step-sister Caroline seizes power of Mondacien and puts a mirror up to Iylah’s face for the first time since she was a child, Iylah sees that her eyes are Lorelei emerald, not Thornraven brown. If Iylah isn’t a brute Thornraven, which of the Triune is she – an empathic Lorelei or could she be a genius Intellect? How could she be expected to kill on the frontlines if she could feel her victim’s pain? And would Versera even accept her if she weren’t what she thought she was?

Iylah must quickly learn to navigate the magical and dangerous world of Versera, integrate into the dynamic and all-mighty Triune Army; make new friends with the quirky, hypnotic Lorelei; uncover the secret of the Quadrinity (she finds out the Triune are missing a fourth member); overthrow the Dean before he murders the Benuavem, devastates the world, and all its resources. But most importantly, she must learn to listen to the Great Voice, uncover the secrets of her Hailene ancestors that came before her and trust herself. “LEAD WITH THE POWER OF FOUR NEVER SEEN BEFORE.”

Watch Meagan Lopez’ TEDx Talk. Is the Hero’s Journey Freeing Us or Keeping Us Captive – “I created a new kind of human called The Hailene who are too complex, too mixed, too daunting – were killed off for hundreds of years until Iylah came around and learned how to integrate all parts of herself, to lead the world to a new vision of itself. We can be angry at the world, but we can´t let that stop us from seeing the gifts it gives us. Stories help us not just see our past but also help us to prophesize and imagine our futures. To create a new world we don´t yet need to change the transformational structures of our ancestors. We need different people with different beliefs, different stories, different mentors, different allies, different struggles to come forward, to become their type of hero.”